Veteran goes from homeless to gym general manager

Army vet struggled going from military to civilian life

U.S. Army veteran D’Angelo Shaw knows what it is to serve his country.

He tells WTOC-TV that over 13 years in the army he did it all including, ““jumping out of airplanes, getting over my fear of heights. It was very interesting and very exciting.”

The hard times started when he got out of the military. He had a hard time figuring out where he fit in society.

At one point he was homeless.

He says he didn’t know who or how to ask for help.

He did manage to go to the gym a few times a week. It was there that a manager at the Planet Fitness in Stateboro, GA took notice.

He offered D’Angelo a job.

Talk about starting at the bottom–the job was cleaning the gym.

D’Angelo took it.

It was just one more chance to get on his feet.

Now he has worked his way up to general manager of that same gym.

D’Angelo shares his story with reporter Sam Bauman.

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