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‘Just One More’ Foundation launches

News release announces grant applications are open!

CHATTANOOGA, TN, Jan. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  If you’ve been knocked down and need a little help to achieve your goals, this may be an opportunity for you or the community you represent.  A new organization, “Just One More Foundation,” aims to give people the help they need to begin again. The foundation opened its first grant cycle January 1, 2023 for individuals and nonprofits.

The foundation will award grants to people across the United States who have a constructive plan to overcome their obstacles and need support as they put in the hard work. The foundation’s funding priorities are: mental health, addiction, health care and education. All of these causes are dear to founder Richard Rogers’ heart. He’s a true believer in second chances.

Rogers has had his share of them. He owns the US Stove Company. He and his brother Steve helped rescue the company that’s been in his family for generations, from the brink of bankruptcy to give it a second chance.  Rogers’ personal game changer was a lightning strike that almost took his life.

“I sat in the bed and prayed,” says Rogers. “It was I don’t want to live for me; if you’ll give me one more chance, I want to help others… here it is 25 years later and I’m just getting the chance to honor my promise and my prayer.”

Rogers’ foundation’s mission is to inspire hope and provide opportunity to individuals who have experienced hardships and the organizations that serve them. This can include anything from someone who is getting back on their feet after having drug issues and they want to give back through what they do, to a nonprofit that serves the substance use or mental health community through advocacy or services.

For information on how to apply for a grant, go to our website: and click on “Grants.” Tell us your story, your “why.” The grant application deadline is March 31, 2023.

Our motto is we can’t save the world, but we can help out. And this is our way of giving back.

The Just One More Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. To learn more about us, go to our website: and to cover this and hear more of our founder’s amazing story of second chances, please contact me, Daryn Kagan, .



Richard Rogers gets just one more chance at life and makes a vow to give back

November 11, 1995.

Richard Rogers was on a hunting trip with his good friend, Mike Barry, and Mike’s two young sons, Brandon, 10, and Jason, 14.

That night a freak storm hit the Tennessee mountain top while they were asleep.

It’s a night none of them will ever forget.

The lightning ran traveled through Richard’s body, literally setting him on fire.

For some time, his heart stopped and Richard can remember levitating above his body.

Hear Richard and the Barry brothers tell the story in their own words.

Richard shares how he had to fight for this second chance at life and the vow that led me to create Just One More Foundation.

Resilience, Tragedy, & Tenacity tells the story of S.L. Rogers, Sr. and his descendants.

Read more of the incredible Rogers’ Family story!

Resilience, Tragedy, & Tenacity: 150 Years of the U.S. Stove Story & the Family of S.L. Rogers, Sr.  tells the incredible story of Richard Rogers’ grandfather, the tragedy he survived, the greatness he achieved and his lasting legacy of the United States Stove Company.

Richard Rogers says, “This is a story of success, tragedy, and adversity. Success that was mishandled leading to tragedy, tragedy overcome in the process of creating success.”