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Woman with retinitis pigmentosa receives grant from 'Just One More' to help others with low vision

Vinettea Freeman is a former IT professional who lost much of her professional and personal life when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.

She is just a few courses short of completing her master’s degree. She had to drop out of graduate school as she began to lose her sight. She has since learned many techniques and technology applications that help her function and work, however, because she hasn’t been able to work as an IT professional, she was short of funds to complete her degree.

Freeman will receive a $5,000 grant to re-enroll in graduate school to complete her degree. She plans to pursue a new career developing resources for other individuals with low vision challenges.

Want to witness a great moment? Watch as we surprise Ms. Freeman with news that Just One More is fulfilling 100% of the funds she requested in her application.

Learning about Just One More

By the way, Ms. Freeman learned about Just One More when CBS News did an incredible story on our foundation and founder Richard Rogers. Have you seen it? Freeman says she bawled her eyes out the first time she watched it.

Just One More Foundation announced its first grants on May 18, 2023!

Air Force Staff Sgt. Alfred Perkins III is one of three individual recipients. He applied earlier this year asking for financial support to take a grant writing course. Basically, he wanted a grant to learn how to be a professional grant writer and use those skills to help veterans and people with low incomes.

We set up the call telling him we needed more information for his grant application. Watch to experience this joyous moment Staff Sgt. Perkins learns he is actually one of first grant recipients.

Just One More Foundation is dedicated to giving second chances to people who have a hard-working plan to overcome obstacles. This first round gave grants to 14 non-profit organizations who are serving those working to overcome obstacles such as mental health, education, drug misuse, and health challenges. We also gave grants to two other individuals. You can see the full list of winners here.

Founder Richard Rogers set up the foundation in 2022 because he and his family have been the beneficiaries of second chances and now he wants to use his good fortune to give second chances to others.

Our next round of grant applications opens July 1, 2023.